You will now have to pay more for Yahoo Small Business Hosting

Now, You have to pay little more on Yahoo Small Business Hosting. The company is increasing some of its hosting plans and its cost. On new purchases, some of the hosting plan prices increases. For present customers, prices will affect the renewal of their hosting plans. The rates go into impact on 1st May, or from 1st June 2019, for current customers. Yahoo Small Business has supported its decision by prompting the customer that they had not increased their prices in 9 years. Their plans continue to delegate a sufficient value at a suitable price.

yahoo small business hosting

Yahoo Small Business Hosting Plans

  • Website Builder, Emails, Domain, and SSL Certificates
  • Factually Unlimited Storage and Database with Backup and Restores Function
  • Manage your Website with easy-to-use Control Panel
  • You can get help to keep your site run smoothly and securely 24/7
  • Do not charge extra on the Renewal of your Domain, Email address, Hosting, and SSL Certificates.


Source: Yahoo Small Business Hosting