Worldstreams Introduces Phase 2 Expansion at Flagship Data Centre

Worldstream, the largest hosting provider is providing the security-focused solutions. It includes the dedicated server and colocation with DDoS protection. Worldstream introduces the 2nd phase expansion at Flagship Data Centre which means that the company is doubling its facility capacity to 536 data center racks. Worldstream has currently owned the two data centers, Both located in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. Around 15000 dedicated servers have been installed in these data centers.

2nd phase expansion at Flagship Data CenterThis 2nd phase expansion at Flagship Data Centre allows the hosting company to further increase its dedicated server efficiency in its data centers to 20,000 servers. The rapid growth in demand of the customers forces the Worldstream to establish a new data center.

WorldStream’s flagship data center highlights a highly unnecessary design with an N+2 setup. Today’s facility expansion includes investment in two extra 93 PM 500kVA. WorldStream uses a mix of leading brands for its data center designs. The main aim of its to maximize the efficiency and uptime, catering to ‘enterprise-grade’ requirements. The name of the leading brands are – Eaton, FläktGroup and Zwart Techniek.

The reason for taking a high interest in Worldstream hosting solution is its extremely large volume of bandwidth. This bandwidth supports not only bringing the new customers but also providing the growth to the existing customer’s business.

Source:  dailyhostnews