What the Collaboration of Microsoft and Oracle Bring to Us

On 5th June, a Collaboration has been announced by the Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to bridge the gap between these two Incorporations. It enables the workers to manage one part of a workload within Azure and another part of the workload within Oracle. The partnership delivers the best and highly improved cloud experience.

Over 95% of the Fortunes 500 are using Azure, the vice president of Microsoft cloud and AI division said that their main focus is only on the customer’s digital transformation’s journey.

This partnership is making a new set of capabilities together:

  • Interconnect the Azure and Cloud seamlessly, It allows the customers to enlarge their on-premises datacentre to both clouds.
  • Unified identity and access management, it helps the automated user to manage the resources across Azure and Oracle Cloud.
  • Supports the deployment of custom applications on Azure with Oracle databases with deployed in Oracle Cloud.
  • It provides collaborative support models to help IT organizations deploy these new capabilities which enables while lifting the existing customer support relationship.

This alliance will provide digital transformation and public cloud. The partnership between them is the industry’s first real multi-cloud deal. It brings together the mainstream public cloud system together, Azure and Oracle Infrastructure. It has become essential and strategic to the ventures.


Source: microsoft.com

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