What is the purpose of Web Hosting?


Web hosting is a form of internet hosting that helps you make your website available or accessible to the World Wide Web. In other words, you need web hosting in order to keep your website running on the internet. This is the main purpose of Web Hosting service or plan. 

That is why if you wanna get online then get a web hosting right now. But how do you know what things to look before choosing a web hosting? And also what are the best reliable platforms for web hosting? What are the key qualities of these platforms? How do you know you can trust them? 

Don’t worry, because we are going to get you the best hosting service and everything you need to know before getting one, in this article. 

types of web hosting

Why Web Hosting? 

The Webhosting service provider assigns your website a unique DNS which allows people to find your website online. Without web hosting your website will not be found online. This is why web hosting is very important. This is the key purpose of web hosting service. 

Moreover, when you buy a web hosting service, you basically buy a space for your website on their servers. The all the relevant data and files of your website are stored on that server. You can access all the files of your website easily from anywhere.

Types of Web Hosting – Find The Best For You

Shared Hosting- ( Economical )

In shared web hosting multiple websites runs on a single server. This kind of web hosting is very economical. Because of the overall cost of server maintenance is compensated form many customers it is cheap. If you are running a small site with low traffic then this hosting would be best for you. 

Pros: It is a very good option for all beginners. Moreover, it is very economical. 

Downside: In shared hosting, if a single site got hacked or infected by viruses or stuff like that then there are a lot of chances that other websites also can get affected by it. 

Why web hosting

Cloud Hosting – (Expensive) 

It’ s a new type of hosting that has become very popular. Cloud hosting is usually useful for websites that get a lot of traffic. If you have a website that is growing very fast then it is the best web hosting for you as it provides unlimited resources for expansion. 

Pros: Can control a huge amount of traffic. It provides good security and therefore, it is reliable. 

Cons: The only downside of it is that it is too expensive. Therefore, not many people can afford it. 

purpose of webhosting

Dedicated Hosting- (Good For High Traffic Website)

Dedicated web hosting is an internet hosting service in which the entire server is given to you. In other words, you do not share the server with anybody else in this type of hosting. 

Pros: More resource allocation, control, and privacy you get in this type of web hosting. You get full access to configure your server. No interference from other users on the server as the whole server is allocated to you. 

Cons: Again the main downside of this web hosting is the high price you have to pay for this. It is only useful for the website which gets a lot of traffic to their site. 

VPS web Hosting-(Ram, Disk Space, CPU)

Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting in which a certain amount of resources like RAM, CPU, Disk Space, etc is allocated to your account. This is what helps your website to perform better and be stable. 

Pros: Better security because you do not share files with other operating systems. Your website gets more flexibility, stability, and enhancement in performance.  Full root access to perform commands. 

Cons: It is expensive first of all, therefore, limited people can get it. You need technical expertise for this type of web hosting. Don’t have full control over your server. 

VPS hosting and cloud Hosting

Things To Look for before getting a web hosting service?

The Type Of website You Are Running 

It really matters what type of website you running before finding a web hosting service. If you are running a WordPress blog or a small website with less traffic then shared hosting is best for you. And if you are running a large website that generates a lot of traffic then Dedicated Or VPS hosting will suit your website most. 

Your budget

After all, it comes down to the budget at the end of the day. Shared Web hosting will be the most economical for you. 

Dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS web hosting are expensive. They are useful for heavy websites. That is why you must choose the best web hosting service according to your budget. 

Check Kinda Security They Provide

This is the most important fact to check before choosing a web hosting service. Security is what matters in today’s world where cases of cybercrimes are doubling. That is why you may want to make sure of the security of the web hosting service. You can get more information about it by going through reviews of that certain web hosting service. This is where you see the big picture. Use the power of online technology. Security is the main purpose of web hosting also. 

24/7 technical support

Most hosting services claim that they provide 24/7 full technical support but how do you know they will. This is also a very important point to keep in mind before getting a web hosting. What is the purpose of web hosting? It is to provide you the best service possible. However, the reality could be different. So, again you can check online reviews or get advice from somebody who has already used it.  

Best web hosting service

Top 5 Web Hostings Service Providers


Bluehost is one of the best web hosting providers in the market without a shadow of a doubt. They have been in the game for a long time. 

Bluehost is known for providing 24/7 to the customers. They give a free domain name for one year. And also an SSL certificate. They have techniques like one-click WordPress installation

Bluehost provides all kinds of web hostings, be it shared or dedicated or VPS, etc. The price is also good for web hosting here. 

Price and Plans: Start with INR-199 per month


SiteGround is also one of the top web hosting service providers in the market. It gives fast and secure web hostings to customers. The web hosting plans are suitable for individuals as well as businesses.

Some of the key features of SiteGround are- Ultra-fast sites, Top-notch security, WordPress installation, Easy site and domain management, reliable email service, 24/7 technical support, etc.  

There are various types of hostings also. For example, WordPress Hosting, Woocomerce Hosting, Webhosting, and Cloud Hosting. 

Moreover, the fan base and quality of reviews of this web hosting are superb. This shows that this is a very good web hosting provider. Getting all these features and qualities is the main purpose of web hosting. 

Price and Plans: Start with $ 11.95 per month


It is another very good web hosting provider. It is popular among small business web hosting. 

It provides a one-click installation of CMS applications. The key features are easy to use C-panel, advanced programming, and database, professional email hosting, etc. 

The plans are also not that expensive for this web hosting service. Hostgator offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. 

The technical support is provided through phone call or chat. They do not offer any email support. And also the reviews are not that good for this web hosting. 

Price and Plans: Start with INR- 159 per month


Dreamhost is a very good web hosting provider with the cheapest price in the market. The performance of this web hosting is very good. It provides accounts with unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Moreover, it gives 97 days money-back guarantee. 

It provides WordPress hostings, website hosting, VPS Hosting and many more. They provide hostings for all, be it a beginner or professional.  

Some of the key qualities of it are super easy to use, economical, fast and reliable web hosting, and 24/7 expert support. Moreover, WordPress supports this Dreamhost for web hosting. 

Price and Plans: Start with $ 2.59 per month


This web hosting is faster, secure, and eco-friendly. They provide multiple hosting options. For example WordPress hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS hosting. All the resources of the GreenGeeks run with renewable energy.

Besides making web hosting eco-friendly, it provides the best web hosting in the world. It provides 24/7 support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Moreover, it gives a free domain name and a wildcard SSL certificate. In addition, they one-click WordPress installer. 

Price and Plans: Start with $ 2.95 per month

Final Thoughts – ( What Are The Purpose Of Web Hosting) 

So, we can see that web hosting is very important and a must for a website to run online. Web hosting is about buying a place on servers in order to store all the files of your website. If your website is not on any server then nobody can find your website. Providing an online address to your website is the main purpose of web hosting. 

Besides that, there are various purposes of web hosting. For example, Security, technical support, safe storage for your website’s all the files, fast internet, finding the best web hosting provider, etc.

And also, the things to look for before getting a web hosting provider. These are the main purpose of web hosting. Find the best web hosting.



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