All About Shared Web Hosting

Choosing the right hosting for your website is really a very big decision. When the time comes to choose a web hosting then there you are going to have lots of options. While deciding the hosting company you have to decide the best hosting plans which suit your website needs and requirements. Shared hosting is one of the popular types of hosting for beginners. But the question arises that what is shared hosting and does it fulfill the niche of your website?

Let us discuss the shared hosting & its advantages & disadvantages.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is one of the types of hosting which allows the different websites to work on a single server. It simply means that your website is getting webspace( Bandwidth, Uptime, Web Space) on a single server. Generally, you don’t know what websites are using the resources of that server on which you are hosted. It is the most suitable type of hosting for beginners. Each website owner has the limit that how much resources a website owner can use. Limits of the resources depend on the hosting plan package. Shared hosting is one of the cheapest and most affordable options for beginners. However, this hosting comes up with the limitations of resources which will get to below.


  • It is cheap and affordable in terms of money. The cost of shared hosting depends on the hosting companies. You can purchase this hosting at just &2.22 to $9.99.
  • According to your website niche, you can easily manage your hosting plan package.
  • It provides you a build Cpanel which helps in managing your website.
  • You do not need to maintain the technical things, it is included in your hosting plan.
  • It is one of the best options for the small scale business website and single page website.
  • It provides MySQL and PHP support.
  • Shared hosting offers multiple emails for your own domain and more than one database.


  • One of the biggest issues with shared hosting is the security issue. It is mostly liable for hacking activities.
  • The load time of the web page is slower than the other hosting.
  • Sometimes the server gets stopped because many websites are running on a single server.
  • Resources are limited as it depends on the plan package.
  • The customer support service is not quite good as compare to the other hosting form.
  • It has fewer features as compared to the dedicated server.

How Does Shared Hosting work?

how does shared hosting work

Shared hosting is identical to the computers which have hard disk space or CPU ( Central Processing Unit) & RAM. These resources are shared with the other website owners which are hosted on the same server. This makes it possible to secure & safely saved your data and information regarding your website. This is to be done because when anyone gets access to your website from their computer then the stored data will be sent from the server to the internet user.  It is one of the best options if you are starting a website. Shared Webhosting is the pocket-friendly server that is suitable for the website which is going to start up.

Is Shared Hosting Suitable for you?

What is Shared Hosting

Shared hosting mostly suitable for the person or the business owners which has:

  • Limited background knowledge of Hosting
  • Wants to save on costs
  • Values hassle-free website management
  • Requires a simple website only for personal or blogging purpose
  • Interested in learning web design or WordPress

Choosing the right web hosting for your website is most important for establishing a good foundation for your website. Once you have set up your website and it starts running then you can focus on the growth and betterment of your website. It is very important to choose suitable web hosting that will fulfill your website’s niche.

Shared Webhosting vs VPS hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

shared vs vps vs dedicated hosting

If your website is hosted on the shared hosting and your website is regularly using the resources then you need to change your Webhosting plan package. Virtual Private Server is the next step of the shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS is the next step of Shared Webhosting. It usually differs from every hosting plan. The word VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It allows you to get access to more resources as compared to the shared Webhosting. There is a reserved space provided by the VPS hosting in the single server. That simply means there is are reserved space for your website’s disk space and bandwidth. If you want to purchase VPS hosting then you must check out the 5 Things you have to think when looking for VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

If your website needs more space than VPS hosting, then you can upgrade to the dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting suits that website which needs to get more access to the resources. In dedicated hosting, you will get a single server. That simply means that if your website is hosted on dedicated hosting then the webspace of a particular server is only utilized by your website. No one can share the resources of your server. If you want great performance,  and great control of programs & security then dedicated is the way to go. There are a number of Dedicated Hosting Companies from where you can purchase hosting from. If you want to get an idea then check out our blog-  Top 5 Dedicated Hosting Companies Worth Exploring

What are the Companies which Provide Cheap & Affordable Shared Hosting?

Finding the right Webhosting company which provides a Shared Webhosting plan package is not that easy. Why? Because there is a wide range of companies that provides cheap & very affordable shared hosting. Below are some of the companies which offer shared hosting at the pocket-friendly range: