7 Ways to Select a Best Web Hosting Service For Your Website

select best web hosting for your website

There are number of way to select the best web hosting for your website. It’s really important to choose a good web hosting because it has a  serious effect on your website. That’s why you definitely go for those hosting provider’s who fulfill all the little details, which a website demands.

Things started to become more serious when you have to choose hosting for your business website. Because if your website is not available to your customers when they access it then they will hit the back button for sure and never visit again.

Simply you have to make a kind of requirement list for your website hosting needs. After that you have to explore all the packages of different hosting providers to find the most suitable for your website. 

While checking the requirements, always check some most essential and basics of web hosting features like plans, uptime, customer support, money-back guarantee and some others. 

Sounds easy!!! Well like I said earlier it’s not that difficult to select the best web hosting service. Let’s explore the requirements more briefly so you can easily decide, which web hosting do you need?

1. Choose a Web Hosting Plan that Suits Your Website

Before purchasing a web hosting, Always choose a web hosting plan that suits your website because of several reasons.

If you choose shared hosting and launch a WordPress website then it will not be that helpful. WordPress hosting is more beneficial for a WordPress website rather than shared web hosting. 

Again if you started an Ecommerce website and hosted it on shared web hosting then it will be a very bad decision. Because shared web hosting can’t handle the load of an Ecommerce website. Dedicated web hosting is the best option to launch such a website because of the availability of huge resources.

Some hosting plans only provide single website hosting features, which means you can’t launch another website on the same server. For this, you have to purchase another hosting plan which is a waste of money. So, always check that into a hosting plan, whether the company is providing multiple website features or not.

2. Always Purchase Hosting Smartly

While purchasing a Web hosting, one of the most frustrating things is the rates of a hosting provider’s plan. But do you know that you can get a great discount on almost every hosting plan, even on top companies’ plans too.

Almost every top company in the world provides web hosting coupon codes to their customers. Even some companies give a huge discount to their new customers, which is even better.

So in the way to choose the best web hosting service for your website, first compare all the prices and discounts of hosting providers. Then pick the most beneficial hosting company that gives high discount promo codes and also web hosting features.

3. Uptime Guarantee Must Be 99.9%

In a Layman term, Uptime guarantee feature is the surety that your website will be available to your customers almost every time. Rarely a company offers a 100% uptime guarantee because due to some server problem a company might have to stop website access. That is a case where a customer can file a refund for the loss, which a hosting provider never wants. 

High uptime is a must-have hosting feature that a customer always checks before purchasing it. Because in heavy websites like Ecommerce and social media websites normally people make visits on a daily basis. Unavailability of your website will be a huge loss for your business that a website owner never wants.

This is not less than a nightmare, which you surely don’t want to face. Now you know how important is uptime for a website.

Good web hosting providers offer at least 99.9% uptime in their every package, and if some company is not offering the minimum requirement then you shouldn’t choose that one.

If you are looking for a 100% uptime guarantee then it is only available on cloud hosting, which is a little bit costly but worth the money.

4. Technical Support Availability Every Single Day

We all know that everyone is not a professional to handle all the web hosting service difficulties. To overcome this, web hosting companies offer technical support features to their customers, so they won’t face any problem with their websites.

Customer support is very helpful when something bad happens with your website and you totally don’t have a single way to overcome this situation.

Also customer service helps you to deal with some other hosting problems too like server Unavailable issues or plans upgrade.

Before selecting a web hosting service for your website, always check the company’s technical support review. If many people are complaining about the company support staff then it’s definitely a bad decision to go with the web hosting plans.

Normally, A company’s popularity and quality is measured by their customer support. Nobody likes a company, which has rude staff that are totally uninterested to serve their customers.

To choose a best web hosting service for your website check the hosting provider must be available 24*7*365. Also the company should offer some other way to contact the customer support like live chat, email, phone no, etc.

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5. Assurity of Money Back Guarantee Or Refund

While checking the important features of a web hosting plan, many of us ignore Refund policy or Money back guarantee features. Usually, when we talk about refund, the main purpose of our is to claim the money for providing poor services.

But in hosting, when a company is offering money back guarantee to their customers that means they are serving well to their customers. Otherwise customers will claim for refund and the company will drown.

Before purchasing a web hosting for your website always check the money back feature. Because if your website faces any serious issue in the future, which experts are unable to solve then you can claim your money back.

Refund policies differ as per hosting hosting companies plans and policies. Where a company is offering 45 days money back guarantee, on the other hand a company is also offering only 30 days money back guarantee.

6. Always Check the Customer Review

Customer review is the best way to identify a company’s services and support. When a company does big talk but does not fulfill that promise later then some customers feel cheated by the company. Then they share their opinion and experience about the company, which you must have a look at once before taking any decision.

Apart from bad experience, if a company offers the same services as it promises before, then customers give good reviews also to the company. These reviews help a company to get more customers, which indirectly increase their sales and revenue. 

It’s a common daily life hack that you can use to select the best web hosting for your website without being cheated later with any hosting company. 

7. Web Hosting Must Be Secured

Experts say, say”A web hosting must be as securesecure as a jewellery locker because it contains all the previous things of your website”, which is absolutely true. Many people give priority to this web hosting feature, which protectsprotects their websites from online hacking activities. 

Checking the security feature is a good thing, which we all must have check once. Because avoiding security of your website can cause some serious issue to your website that includes data manipulation, erasing and many more.

Hackers use different hacking activities to gain access to a website so they can easily steal their precious data and then use it later or sell them.

To protect your website from such online threats you should select the best web hosting provider who give security feature into the hosting plan.