Great Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers In 2021

increase your instagram followers -

Today, Instagram has over 1 billion users and millions of active users. This platform is a competitive place to grow your account and increase your following. It is about being smart on how to increase your Instagram followers and get conversions from such platforms rather than working hard. Make your business stand out and show off your brand, getting more followers.

This blog will cover all the great ways you can implement to gain more followers and reach your target audience in 2021.

Various Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers In 2021

Expanding your Insta account is not as simple as before with increasing competition and billions of users. But we’ve got some great hacks to grow business over this platform and achieve a decent number of followings.

ways to increase instagram followers -

>> Instagram Reels

This is the most recent popular tool to use if you don’t want to miss huge opportunities in 2021.  Insta’s newest video features, Reels, is taking center stage of the new navigation bar, and you can record up to 30-sec video clips set to music on Insta. 

With Instagram putting Instagram Reels at the center of Insta, there is a huge push to have users browse & share Reels more often in 2021. Instagram Reels have a severe chance of going viral like TikTok. This will be a significant game-changer in the coming year. 

>> Enhance Your Profile For Search

Enhancing your profile for search is a significantly under-utilized Instagram hack for increasing your following. With a recent Instagram announcement, English-speaking users in 5 nations can search for Instagram using keywords. This is a breakthrough on the app. 

Earlier, if users searched for home-workouts, the accounts or hashtags with the words “at-home workout” in their username would occupy. Now, posts that highlight at-home workouts should display in search, although that hashtag isn’t in the post. 

Insta notes that keyword search is confined to general interest topics & keywords within Insta’s community guidelines. With this change, it’s essential to enhance your username & bio for search. 

>> Create An IGTV Series

Of all the Insta trends, IGTV would be a vital part of Insta, and it doesn’t look like it’s fading anytime soon.

The pandemic has encouraged social media users to turn Instagram into an entertainment platform. Thanks to the IGTV tabs on profiles, it’s simple to align your Instagram users with your IGTV content. 

Making an IGTV series is an innovative way to connect with your community while casting a broader net to reach new users. 

Moreover, video content attracts more audiences as it drives engagement and eyes on videos that could produce more followers. 

>> Be More Comprehensive & Diverse

Having an accessible, comprehensive, and diverse Insta is, of course, the right thing to do but also a way to increase engagement, followers and strengthen your community.

The foremost step can be to include subtitles in your Instagram video content. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without audio, so creating your content digestible without sound is not rocket science. Having subtitles can also help people who have hearing problems. 

2020 encountered a significant shift with influencers and brands taking accountability for lack of versatility in their marketing. 

Brands must certainly partner with more versatile content creators or exhibit support for social causes to reach a broader audience to potentially support their brands & products.

>> Partner with Micro-influencers

To reach out to new audiences in 2021, collaborating with micro-influencers is a way to go. 

As per research, micro-influencers between 10,000 to 100,000 followers provide the best combo of engagement & reach.

As micro-influencers work on a smaller scale, they have fewer sponsored posts & are known for a specific niche.

>> Create Original Shareable Content

Authenticity has great power. And its impact is massive to boost your followers. We predict it will grow more in 2021. 

One of the fantastic ways to reach a larger group of people is by creating original, shareable content. On Insta, shared content is the best way to disseminate your message. People can share feed posts on their Insta Stories or via direct messages. 

Making your followers feel like your friends can make them feel comfortable to share your content with their community of followers. 

The Instagram algorithm favors posts that receive vast engagement, so when your posts are shared, it will display the post on the user’s feed. 

>> Cross-Promote Insta Content on Other Platforms

Promoting your Instagram content on various other channels can grow your Instagram following. And as per the 2021 forecast, Pinterest & Tik Tok are the two best ways to flourish your Instagram platform. Other ways to increase your following are displaying what you have to offer on Instagram, tease Instagram content, and leverage your TikTok bio.

Likewise, your Insta account on Pinterest can do a number of benefits. You can drive traffic & engagement to your Insta by claiming your account & pinning your Insta posts. 

>> Write Longer Captions

Long captions were big in 2020 & are here to stay in 2021 and the new Insta keyword search. 

Earlier, Insta used to be about visuals, but now users are seeking more to learn about your brand and mission. 

Influencers were first to dive into this trend- sharing extended captions on their posts to provide intense understanding into their world or sharing their insight on current events.

>> Go Live on Insta

Instagram Live is the best way to use video to increase engagement & followers in 2021. Instagram Live is a completely unedited video stream for your followers to engage with. 

The content options for Instagram Live are endless. You can host games, weekly shows, tournaments, tutorials, online webinars, and more. 

>> Create a Branded Hashtag

Branded Instagram Hashtags are an excellent way to help disseminate the word about your business, find UGC, establish a community, and attract new followers.

A branded hashtag is unique to your brand. It can be as simple as company name, tagline, product name, campaigns, or events. Analyzing and experimenting with the above 10 ways will increase your Instagram followers.

Growing your Instagram account seems a bit challenging until you know how to do it. Working smarter is the key! Research! See your competitors and various other accounts to observe what they are doing. Remember, it’s a blend of creative content, focusing on the right audience, & marketing your business in the right way.

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Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, an app development company in New York and India, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge to leading blogging sites like top app development companies.