US Regulators is Trying to Separate AWS ( Amazon Web Services) from Amazon

The CEO of the AWS ( Amazon Web Service) ” Andy Jassy” said that the cloud computing company AWS can be separated from its parent company ( Amazon) if us regulators forced it. Amazon and the cloud computing services AWS comes up with the conversation of technical breakups. But the CEO of the company is saying that there is no benefit in breaking up. However, the regulatory has to be followed by the company. The world largest cloud service provider will get separated from its parent company.

If us regulator will force the company for separation then the cloud computing company will get separated. The CEO does not want this separation. As he is saying that there is no benefit of this spinning. But at the end of the day, they have to operate this from United State. For this, they have to follow the United States laws and regulations. Andy Jassy says that half of Amazon’s latest reported operating income came from AWS.



Source: ITPRO