Top 5 Dedicated Hosting Companies Worth Exploring

When it comes to the business site then the first choice which comes in mind to choose is the dedicated hosting. It may cost more than the other alternatives but you get the better quality, what you pay for. In this article, we are going to explain what is the dedicated service? why to chose dedicated hosting? What are the Top 5 Dedicated Hosting Companies worth exploring?

What is the Dedicated Hosting Service?

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting in which the website owner has their personal server, which means they get personal space (bandwidth, RAM, computer power) for their website. Dedicated hosting is also named as a “Dedicated Server” or “Managed Hosting”. In this type of hosting organizations or individuals get proper control over the server. You will get the greatest space for your website. You are working on a personal server so it provides high speed. This hosting service gives fast speed and the entire space to a particular website. It is slightly expensive but the best hosting choice for those who are running a vast website.

Why Choose Dedicated Hosting for your Website?

Dedicated Hosting Companies

There are many reasons which provide an answer to this question that why choose dedicated hosting for your website?

  • If you are running a high traffic website and has millions of user per month
  • Selling thousands of products and services online
  • Want more space and speed for the website to get your website run smooth
  • Want your data to be secure, then this is the best option for you.

It is one of the best and reliable web hosting. If you have purchased this web hosting type then your website can cope up with every massive spike in web traffic without losing the speed of your website.

Why Dedicated Hosting is Better than Shared & VPS Hosting?

A dedicated server is better than Shared or VPS Hosting. If you are searching hosting for business site or the site which contains high traffic then dedicated is the best choice. Shared and VPS Hosting do not provide a particular server or you do not have proper control over the resources. But in a Dedicated server, you will get proper space and individual control over its every resource. You can optimize the resources according to the website’s needs and requirements.

5 Most Reliable Dedicated Hosting Companies Worth Trying


Hostgator Dedicated Hosting


Hostgator is one of the biggest hosting providers all over the world with hostgator coupon. When it comes to getting hosting for your site then it is the company that comes top of the list. They are mainly headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Austin, Canada, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico. Many spacious companies like AT&T, Dell trust Hostgator.

The specialty of the dedicated server provided by the Hostgator is its flexibility. You can easily increase your storage if you want maximum space. The company proves itself that it provides super secure service by providing DDOS Protection and other secured services.

You will get their dedicated services at 119 per month. With this price, you will get 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Unmetered Bandwidth, and many more services.

  Blue Host

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Blue host is one of the finest hosting provider, famous for its high storage and bandwidth. It provides uptime of 99.98% with reliable services. If you have a vast site and get more traffic on your site then Blue Host is a solid option for you. You can upgrade the memory when you feel that the data has maximized on your site.

You will get the Bluehost dedicated hosting service only just at $ 79.99 per month. With the extraordinary features like 500GB Disk Space, 5TB Bandwidth, 4GB RAM, 3-5 Dedicated IPs, and many more services.


Siteground Dedicated Hosting

SiteGrouns is another a top level hosting provider Company. It supports 3,50,000 websites all over the world. The company offers the best hosting support and provide optimum dedicated resources. It is famous for specialization in dedicated hosting. The company gives 24/7 technical support to solve your queries.

The dedicated server of Siteground is available at $229 per month. There are many packages offered by the company. You can choose package plans according to your needs and requirements. Packages vary by bandwidth, CPU Cache Size or Disk Space.


1&1 IONOS Dedicated Hosting

1&1 IONOS is the largest web hosting company in the world. The main headquarter of this company is located in Montabur, Germany. The company has more than 10 companies in different countries. Nowadays, offline business owners are increasing to promote their business online. There are many web hosting provider to host a website but if you are searching for a reliable and affordable Dedicated hosting, then 1&1 IONOS is the right platform for you.

The company is offering entry-level hardware with 8 cores, 8GB RAM, Unlimited traffic, Free Domain. The prices start at $55. There are various packages offered by the company. The plans are varied by bandwidth and disk storage. you can choose according to your needs.                   

A2 Hosting

A2hosting Dedicated Hosting


At this platform, your website gets hosted well-tuned, high-performance SwiftServer platform. It provides a reliable dedicated hosting service with 99.99% bandwidth. The company provides peak performance on your website. Dedicated Hosting provided by A2 Hosting will never let you down. As it provides the best quality services.

At $99.65 you will get 10TB Transfer, 8GB RAM, 2*500 GB Storage, Cpanel, SSL Certificates and many more valuable services. You can get any plan which suits your web desires.


We have seen all the features of Top range hosting provider. The only difference between all is the way of support they offer. They all provide a reliable and high-performance dedicated service. Whichever you will choose, just be demanding. Do your best choice and get an effective dedicated server for your website.