Let us know about the recently launched Chemicloud web Hosting

Chemicloud web hosting

The chemicloud literally started in 2016 with many features. To create the best reliable hosting platform in the whole industry. It’s the latest languages-based US company headquartered in Newark.

 Independency of Chemicloud – This is an independent global hosting company in the industry. This company shows his 100% work to make a customer-friendly company with regular updation in this hosting platform.

Its transparencyThis means that the company does not demand any extra charge from you. Which the company sees on its sites, the same is provided to the customers without any charges.

Simple to use -This Webhosting has very simple steps to install or run with some panel tools. To make it easier and user-friendly, whatever features you need.

All Services For Every Customer with their plans and essentials:-

Services that are the most important part of every Webhosting company for became. his company at the top. because every customer sees in hosting companies plans, prices and features.

In chemicloud you have mainly 4 types of services provided:-

  • Shared Hosting:- In this hosting, you can save your files on a server where everyone can access your data easily.
  • WordPress Hosting:- in this Webhosting you easily optimized your websites whenever you need an updated in your website.
  • Reseller Hosting:- In this hosting a web hosting provider, allows you for some and all services. To be sold by a single person or third party.
  • Cloud VPS Hosting:- This web hosting may provide you with some limited space. Under the server for your works on websites.

What Features Make This Hosting Different?      

Chemicloud web hosting features
  • Free domains – At this time most web hosting company gives free domain only for one year. But after that, you have to pay for getting a domain name whereas. In Chemicloud once you buy their annual hosting plans there is a lifetime free domain name provided. When you use their active hosting service the domain name is automatically renewed.
  • 45 days Amazing money-back guarantee – A commitment of Chemicloud to buyers that a 45 days Money back guarantee. It means if you are not happy with their hosting service then easily canceled it within 45 days. The chemicloud will get a refund against your cancellation without asking for any extra charge or fees. Instead, other hosting companies have minimum cancellation is only 30 days.
  • Perfect uptime – It is the most important factor of every hosting company. In each plan of Chemicloud hosting service, you will get 99.99% uptime. If your hosting provider has less than 99.99% uptime then you will need to shift to Chemicloud Hosting Service.
  • Features of security and backups – Most people first think about security and backup in hosting services. Because in today’s time any kind of viruses and DDoS attacks are there. In Chemicloud you have 24/7 real-time server monitoring features. An extra layer is added in Chemicloud to keep your data safe and secure that is two-factor authentication by adding. This security a second step to the login process will be added. It prevents unauthorized access to your account means it creates a barrier between unknown access or login. Without your mobile phone, no one can log in to your hosting.
  • SSD storage with all plans – In chemicloud hosting you provide SSD storage with their shared hosting plans. Whereas most web hosting providers will not give you SSD storage in their plans. Not only the shared with all their server plans will give you. An SSD storage to boost your website speed with the low response it’s a real advantage.
  • Website migration with no extra cost – Other hosting service providers did not provide free website migration. They will charge extra money for this. But if you are a part of a chemicloud company and want to host websites in chemicloud. They will be offered you a free website migration without paying any extra cost to the company.
  • Control panel with user-friendly – Chemicloud made their own dashboard panel for all customers with ease to use. You also use it without any experience with dashboard panels with more exciting features. While other hosting providers use third-party dashboards for their customers. But chemicloud makes it to amazing they built their own user-friendly. You can also access the chemicloud dashboard from mobile because the company has also made it. Its dashboard for mobile and tablet support.
  • Global data centres – Chemicloud have many global data centres to keep the website· 24×7 Support available via live chat. Load faster as possible. Four global countries have seven different global data centre locations in this hosting company.
  • San Francisco (USA)
  • New York (USA)
  • London (UK)
  • Amsterdam (NL)
  • Bucharest (RO)
  • Bangalore (IN)
  • Singapore (SG)
  • Sydney (AU)

ChemiCloud Pros & Cons

Pros of ChemiCloud Hosting Provider

  • Free lifetime domain names as long as you are an active customer.
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA or complete refund
  • If the customer is not happy with our products in case 45 days money back guarantee
  •  24×7 support is available via live chat.
  •  Drag & drop builder site builder
  • One-click installations
  • Free SSL/ Cloudflare CDN with free website migration
  • Drag & drop builder site builder
  • Best security with strict firewall rules
  • CPanel is user-friendly and supported via mobile.

Cons of ChemiCloud Hosting Provider

  • To start your hosting with chemicloud hosting it has only yearly plans.
  • This is a new company in the market that’s why. The trust of new customers is very less in this company.
  • In their starter plan, the firewall features are currently unavailable.

Chemicloud support service – 24/7/365

All hosting companies have 24/7 customer support but in chemicloud, there are 24/7/365 days customer service support is available. This service is available via chat, call or email. The timing of responses is 7 seconds on the chat time is lightning fast. You do not have to wait when you contact him. 37 minutes on call it takes us to solve a support inquiry. Or any problems Average time is only 37 minutes. Chemicloud customers in the market are fully satisfied and 98% are agreed to buy this hosting service in 2020.