PUBG servers are Down [ Maintainance Update]

PUBG ( Player Unknown’s Battleground), as many of you aware one of the popular online multiplayer games that has been evolved by PUBG corporations. Nowadays PUBG Mobile has over 100 million monthly active users. If you are on an Xbox or PS4 console and wondering why PUBG game is down for you then Relax. You are not only the user who is facing the downtime of the server. The company has announced that the PUBG servers are down due to its maintenance. Many of the PUBG players are facing the connectivity issue as the server is not working properly. But the developers are working on its maintenance.

 Here is the complete information which the company has announced regarding the maintenance:

Xbox or PS4 Players- On 29 July 10 pm PDT/ 30 July 7 am CEST, the live servers will undergo for the maintenance.

The Deagle, BRDM-2, Ledge Grab, Improved Loot Sorting, and others will be available when the maintenance procedure will be completed.

Schedule of the Maintenance-  PDT: July 29 10 pm – July 30 4 am

                                                           CEST: July 30 7 am – 1 pm