What is Parked Domain?

Many times it happens you didn’t get your desired domain name or not able to launch your site due to some issues. So you have to wait to start your website and this becomes an obstacle in your work. So, what will you do you will neglect the domain name and you will wait to solve this problem. You can solve this problem by using a parked domain. Now the question arises in your mind that what is a parked domain and how it work?

Solve your query through this blog post and use a parked domain for advertising your website for generating more traffic.

Parked Domain Definition

A parked domain is used by businesses that want to have more than one web address. It is used for advertising purposes. A parked domain is an additional domain on your site hosted on your accounts which helps in display the same website content as your primary domain. A parked domain is a domain that doesn’t contain useful content of the website it is used only for the advertising purpose of the website.

How Does a Parked Domain Works?

How does parked domain works

The parked domain works as another domain it works a registered domain name placed on the same IP address. The parked domain does not share an IP address. It is website works that work for your primary website. It redirects all the traffic from parked to your primary domain. If you were visiting your park domain you will end up to your primary domain home page.

How to add or Remove a Parked Domain?

Add and Remove parked domain

If you want to add or remove any parked domain on your primary domain name you can do it by applying some steps. The steps are mention below:-


Steps to add it:-

  • Login into cPanel
  • Go to the domain section and choose the parked domain option
  • Under create a new parked domain. enter the domain name you like to add on the top of your primary domain.
  • Click on add

You have just added a parked domain to your primary sites.


Steps to remove it:-

  • Login into cPanel.
  • In the Domain, section Click on the parked domain option.
  • Under remove the parked domain, click on the domain you would like to remove.
  • In the Action column for that domain click on the remove.

Follow the upper points for accomplishing the removing process.

What are the Advantages of the Parked Domain Name?

Advantages of parked domain

  • Single page website for website advertising
  • You have multiple domains to point out your main website.
  • Increase your online visibility
  • A domain name server is also updated with the registrar or reseller.
  • Develop your site income.
  • Easy setup and manageable
  • Increase the value of your domain name.
  • No maintenance required.