Online Tech Is Now Otava- Cloud Solutions Provider

Online Tech Is Now Otava. Online Tech has changed its name by “Otava“. With a new name, it provides a new logo which represents the company’s new birth and dedication to fulfill all the desires. Otava is delivering its commitment of exceptional experience to their current clients and partners via new tagline “expect exceptional“. The company continues providing cloud, colocation, data protection, disaster recovery, security services solutions to many people all over the world. 


                                  About Otava

The company was founded in 1994 as Online Technologies Corporation. It was introduced as a regional dial-up Internet company. The firm developed as a data center hosting and colocation services with a complete focus on cloud security. In 2011 Otava became the first 100% HIPAA compliant cloud provider in the US. Today, the company has achieved a huge success and provides a wide range of IT services in all over the world. 

                Online Tech Is Renamed as “OTAVA”

Brad Cheedle, the President or CEO of Otava( then Online Technologies Corporation) explained the change of their company name, logo and tagline. He has explained that the Otava name suits his company motive very well. The company main motive is to continuously raise the bar in cloud services. The company’s new logo describes its motive very well. The logo shows the company’s rebirth and the dedication of their team towards achievement of their clients’ desires. The tagline shows the evidence of commitment is to convey the “exceptional experience” to their clients and their team members.