“MYTHS” that need to Invalidate in RESELLER HOSTING

Do you want to purchase Reseller Hosting? If yes, then you must know some of the myths before purchasing. This might help you to get aware of the misconception in reseller hosting.

In Web hosting, Reseller Hosting is one of the profitable ways of earning money. In this type of hosting, a person is purchasing resources and then sells them to customers at profit. That simply means that the person is acquiring space and bandwidth for a web site on the behalf of the third party. Many companies and individuals are in the market who are cultivating good fortune over reseller hosting. In many years, it has become one of the popular types of hosting.

While purchasing a Web Hosting there are some of the myths which should not be considered by the buyer. I think you should read out the article before believing all these myths. There is misbelief in people for Reseller Hosting that need to invalidate. Let’s burst the topmost myths about the reseller web hosting.

Reseller Hosting – “MYTHS”

Myths needs to invalidate in reseller hosting

# MYTH 1- ” Reseller Hosting is Complex”

This is the overestimation of most of the people that the Reseller Hosting is Complex which is absolutely a false statement. If you want to start a reseller business, so it is very easy to startup. Your exact role in the reseller hosting that you are a middleman between the hosting vendor and the client. There is no need to spend on the hardware or for space. These all are managed by the hosting provider.

# MYTH 2- ” Difficult to Handle Cpanel”

Some of the beginners think that they need to acquire proper knowledge of Cpanel before purchasing reseller Hosting. This is completely a myth. Web Hosting companies have improved their functionality. Now, the use of Cpanel become very easy. And on the other hand, you will get Managed service which resolves all technical and non-technical issues.

# MYTH 3- ” Reseller Hosting is Costly”

Many users think that reseller is costly because of its advanced features. But, this hosting service is not enough costly. Companies offer many payment methods like yearly, monthly, quarterly. Some of the web owners pay high prices because they do not have enough knowledge about hosting. All Cheap Web Hosting always not provides good services or resources. If you want to get high-level resources then you have to pay more.

# MYTH 4- ” It is a Competitive Business Domain”

Line in recent days mostly all business is providing services online. The competition of hosting is also increased. So, this leads to avoiding investing in reseller hosting. But, the world is getting online. There is very need for the hosting services as mostly all businesses are wanting their services to be online. So, you have the opportunity to give the hosting platform and space to the website owner and become a potential reseller. this is the great route of earnings in the digital world.

# MYTH 5- ” Can not pretend yourself as a Brand”

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that you can not pretend yourself as a brand. The Web Hosting Providers provide the opportunity to the people to resell the resources and its services and can ear a lot. You have the opportunity to resell your hosting services as an independent brand without letting people know about this matter.

# MYTH 6- ” Enforce to Provide Hosting Support”

To provide a better support facility to your client is your foremost duty. You don’t have to worry about this matter. You are connected with the Web Hosting Company which is in Joint Venture. So, the company will provide all the support facilities on your behalf. Server setup, reboots, upgrades, and all the support, the company will take care of all these support facilities.


I hope you will get enough knowledge before purchasing a reseller hosting. Do not believe in this kind of myth. So, do not hesitate going over this venture and earn a huge amount of profit with reseller web hosting.