Microsoft acquires BlueTalon | Data Privacy & Governance Challenges

Microsoft acquires BlueTalon to address information protection and administration challenges. For modern platforms, Blue Talon is one of the leading providers of Unified Data Access Controls Solutions. This helps the enterprises to dispose of the information security vulnerable sides and gain better power and permeability of their information. This enterprise can capture the data and analyze it to understand the day-to-day operations. It defines the policies to approve clients to have access to that information. Although it protects the credential information of companies from cyber threats.

The landscape of the data has been changed over the past years. The size of the data estates has been increased which has made the data management difficult for the data engineers. Data governance and data security are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to data management.

The Microsoft acquires BlueTalon main aim is to address this governance challenge and simplify data privacy. Blue talon will become a part of Microsoft Azure Data Governance Group sooner.