Namecheap Introduces Kid’s First Domain Name

Namecheap is one of the finest Web Hosting and Domain Name provider. The company has many domain names registered. Now, the company has started to encourage parents to register a domain name for their children. Namecheap Introduces Kid’s First Domain Name. They have taken an initiative to provide a domain name for children as it is like a future investment of digital real estate. According to this web hosting company, giving the domain name to your child is a gift as you are reserving them a part of the internet to create amazing things. There has a better time for a parent to share Internet experience with their children in a supervised or managed environment. In addition, Namecheap has introduced two resources for parents, a blog on how to keep your child safe online and to secure your kid’s digital footprint.

                  Why to Reserve Kid’s First Domain Name?

Namecheap kid's Domain

The company wants parents to believe in their child and provide them a better digital environment. You can get many benefits to reserve a perfect domain for your children.

  • You can protect your child’s digital identity by registering a domain name.
  • Allow your children to explore something great

                Namecheap is Poping up with New Sale Strategy

Register first domain name wih namecheap

With this new initiative, Namecheap is popping up with a great sale strategy until May 13. In this sale, you will get 14 discounted TLDs for all the future entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, developers, tech gurus – in whatever a kid is interested!  Namecheap considers that a kid name is a large part of their recognition. Providing a domain name to them is saving part of the Internet to innovate and create something.