Kaspersky Lab Becomes “Kaspersky” | Unveils New Branding and Visual Identity

For more than two decades, Kaspersky Lab is the company which provides the best security solution. With the world of digitalization and globalization, the company has unveiled its new branding and visual identity. The main aim behind this is to focus on “Building a safer world”. The company has moved toward the technology leader with the best security solutions and services. It includes innovative products and technologies, cloud services and world-leading menance intelligence.

As the company has re-brand its name from Kaspersky Lab to “Kaspersky”. This new name comes with the mission of “building a safer world”. This statement emphasizes the commitment to the transparent & trusted future where everyone has the endless opportunities that technology brings.

This new branding new focus on the “Cybersecurity”. The technology wants to focus to protect the security of the online world. As we are living in the digital world, everyone is connected across the Internet. So, the company is committing to protect the online world from cyber threats.

The new logo of Kaspersky is designed from geometric and mathematically exact letterforms. It describes the top-class software engineering specialized that the company developed from and to which it remains committed. In the new name, the company only drops the word “Lab” from its existing name “Kaspersky”.


Source:  dailyhostnews.com