Is Other World Computing Legit?

Is Other World Computing or OWC legit? The answer is a big YES. It is totally legit, safe, and an online platform that you can trust. Here you can get Mac upgrades like RAM, Memories, Refurbished Apple products and more at very affordable/reasonable prices. You can even exchange these hardware accessories at OWC with ease. The people who have used OWC online store know the quality of service it provides to the customers. The customer support and money back guarantee is also very good here. Now let’s get into how it started and where.

What is OWC?

Other World Computing is an American based company. It was founded in 1988. It is basically an online store that deals with hardware and Apple upgrade accessories like RAM, Memories, Hard Drive, Refurbished Apple products, etc.

You can get all these products on The quality of products at these online stores will never let you down. So now you know that OWC has been in the business for a very long time. When it comes to best online stores for refurbished apple products then OWC is one of the top names that you can count on. If you like apple product than you can score a good deal using Macsales Coupon

What kind of products can you get on OWC?

On OWC online store you get all types of Apple products. For example, Macbooks, iPads, iMac, iPhones, Memories, RAM, SSD, Thunderbolt, Batteries, Blu-Ray Burners, and many more. All these are apple products that you get on this store. If you are looking for upgrading your old Mac then this is the perfect store for you. The accessories that you get from here are of high quality. You can exchange these accessories and upgrades and get a good amount in return for those. Moreover, you get a 30 days money back guarantee. And this is not just for saying. They return all of your money without asking any questions. You get free delivery on all of the SSDs from OWC. Plus Easy DIY Installation videos for technical help.

What Customer Reviews Says?

Customer reviews of OWC are very positive and pleasing. Majority of them say that OWC is the first and best place to upgrade Macs. All the items that they get like RAM, SSD, Memories, Thunderbolt, etc are of high quality and give very good performance. Customers have positive things to say about the trading hardware on the OWC also. They experienced very profitable and reasonable trading at this platform.

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What makes customers happy is the quality of products that they buy and support they get when they need it. OWC provides both of these factors and thus the reviews of customers are great. This is what overall tells you that OWC is a legit organisation and a trusted online store for Apple products.

Customer Support

Customer assistance is one of the key aspects of determining the legitimacy or reliability of any online store or shop. The customer support of OWC is also very impressive. If you have any type of queries or need any type of technical assistance then you can contact the OWC via Email, live chat, and phone.

Moreover you can track your orders and their status on Other World Computing. You can get all the relevant shipping info. There is a FAQ that helps to solve all of your basic questions regarding purchase and delivery of products. For technical help they have various installation videos that you can upload from the official website. So, we can say that the technical assistance and customer support service at OWC is very good. You don’t have to worry about it when it comes to getting any kind of help from customer support.