How To Use Bing Ads Preview Tool?

Are you curious to know How to use bing ads preview tool once your ads get published?

It is important to know about how your ads are listed and looking. Preview tools are helpful to make changes in your ads which can increase customers through searches and clicks. 

Bing ad preview and diagnosis tools help to optimize your advertisement with relevant keywords. Add multiple keywords to bring the ad to SERP(Search Engine Result Page). 

How To Use Bing Ad Preview Tool?

By following these easy steps you will know how to use Bing ads preview tool. With the help of steps, you can easily solve most of your problems related to Bing advertisements. This tool is also beneficial for you if you use keywords and make those necessary settings that can be used to reach the customers. 

  1. Click on the option of “Tool”, when you are on the dashboard of Bing ads
  2. Then, it shows the option of “Ad preview and diagnostic tool”.
  3. Now, you can add keywords that can bring impressions as well as click on your Bing advertisement
  4. You can select the language, Location/Country, Device to target customers at a minimum time. 

All these activities are useful if you use the ad preview and diagnosis tool perfectly. 

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using Bing Ads Preview Tool?

Now you know how to use Bing ads preview tool. The use of this preview tool has many benefits as well as some disadvantages. 

Pros Of Using Bing Ads Preview Tool\

  • One of the best advantages is to promote ads at a reasonable price and apply for Bing ads promo code.
  • You can see where Bing ads are shown
  • Bing ads preview tool is helpful to make changes in your previous advertisement
  • This tool is useful to add keywords to your Bing ads
  • You can also use Campaign to select customers which helps you to reach customers easily

Cons Of Using Bing Ads Preview Tool

  • If you search your ads with keywords and click it to see. Then, you have to pay the charges against PPC(Pay-Per-Click).
  • The other disadvantage is that if you search for your ads and do not click on them. Then, it counts impressions but no click made. This is not good for your Bing ads and shows a bad impression. 

How Do I Use Bing Ads?

Bing ads are useful if you know how to use the Bing Ads preview tool properly. Before publishing advertisements on Bing, you should have a Bing account as well as a Microsoft account. 

When you are on a Bing ads dashboard then, click on a Tool. It contains an option like “Keyword Planner” which has a variety of options. 

Keywords Planner helps you to choose keywords according to the theme of your advertisement. It shows the number of impressions, CTR(Click Through Rate) which you get from customers. To create the campaign, Bing ads are useful to adjust the budget of PPC(Pay-Per-Click).

Targeting and easy to reach keywords are useful to get specific keywords. Keywords Planner is the best option for you to get variety in keywords which helps to show the result in SERP.

Is It Worth Using Bing Ads?

Bing is a form of paid online advertisement. But, it is worthy and pocket-friendly because Bing advertisers can adjust the daily budget limit of PPC than Google. Bing is in demand because you get genuine clicks which are searched by Bing customers. These are all genuine reasons why Bing ads is better than Google ads.

With the help of Bing, you can target and get only those customers for whom your ad has value. And, you can get the result of how to use the Bing ads preview tool but this feature is rarely offer by Google

PPC(Pay-Per-Click) is the main part of an online advertisement that is published on Bing. It means, when you get only relevant clicks on your ads, then, it can directly impact your PPC value. 

Some platforms do not have this setting, and it leads to a high volume of your advertisements. It means you have to pay a fixed amount once your ad gets any click. So in this situation, Bing ads are useful for the Bing advertiser that targets customers according to their needs.


  1. To promote education-related products, Bing advertisers target student categories. 
  2. To publish online advertisements on Bing related to shoes then, it targets customers according to age or requirement.


How Do I Get Traffic On Bing?

Bing ads can provide traffic on your advertisements if you select and use exact keywords which contain impressions. Impressions on keywords show that this particular is in search. For this, the option of Keyword Planner which is included in the Tool is best for you. Otherwise, you can also use the Bing keyword research tool. 

Why Is Bing Recommended?

Bing is useful for advertisement purposes. It has less volume which leads to minimum competition. So, Bing is helpful to provide customers. Bing is more suitable to target customers with the use of Keywords. You can also get the customers through searches and make control on specific devices.

What Is A Good CTR For Bing Ads?

CTR(Click Through Rate) includes both impressions and clicks of Bing advertisements. CTR means the average number of clicks that you get from customers or Bing users. When you know how to use the Bing ads preview tool. Then, it becomes easy to find out the CTR of your Bing ads by this formula, i.e Total Clicks/Total Impression. 

Higher CTR leads to high results and vice-versa. CTR(Click Through Rate) is good if you have more than the average CTR for Bing ads. 

How Do I Pay For Bing Ads?

If you get clicks on your Bing advertisements then you have to pay charges against it. For the payment, first, you have to login into the official account of Bing, i.e, 

It includes the option of an Account summary on the top left side of the taskbar. It contains the option of Account and Billing, It shows the full history of the payment which you have made. You can also see the “Payment Method”, in which you can tap and choose which suits or is convenient for you.