How to use Google Analytics: Step-by-Step Guide to add Google Analytics to WordPress

If you are a website owner then you will understand how much the data of your daily visitors and your website performance matters. Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool(Obviously made by google) which currently provides more than 28 million websites and increasing every day. You can use Google Analytics in every type of website, whether it developed in PHP or ASP.Net or any CMS like WordPress. Before heading towards How to add Google Analytics to WordPress website, let’s discuss some important features & queries which is necessary if you are interested in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Features

Advanced Features

  1. Google Analytics Dashboard provides you short details with motion charts and data.
  2. You can see the conversion rates from there.
  3. You can generate custom reports according to your need.
  4. It shows you the Bounce Rate of users on your website/blog.
  5. Total Page Views by visitors.
  6. Which source by traffic visiting your website/blog.
  7. It shows you the top performance page of your website/blog.
  8. Provide details of how many unique visitors visit your website/blog and many other things.


If you are thinking that Google Analytics for beginners purposes only then you may be underestimating it. As I mentioned above that more than 28 million websites using Google Analytics Code and still increasing day by day. Which shows you the importance of google analytics which one of the important tool. If you want google emails for business, check the Google WorkSpace Partner’s Website

There are two common queries among beginners when they hear about Google Analytics:

  • What is Google Analytics Bounce Rate?
  • Is Google Analytics free?

What is Google Analytics Bounce Rate?

What is Google Analytics Bounce Rate

When a user visits your website and leaves without opening other pages it’s called bounce rate. 

In simple words, I visited your website to purchase a Mobile phone but I don’t like the products provided by you or you don’t have what I want. I hit the back button without looking at other products of yours or close the tab/window that is bounce rate.

High Bounce Rate shows that data/products/services provided by you are not likable by visitors so they decided to leave your page. 

Is Google Analytics free?

Is Google Analytics free

Google provides two versions of Google Analytics:

  • Google Analytics 360: Its cost starts from 150,000USD, So I think you understand its not for the small businessman or personal use.
  • Google Analytics: This version is free for users and made for personal and small websites. You don’t have to pay anything to use it.

Adding Google Analytics into a website is an easy task and with this Google Analytics Tutorial, you can add Google Analytics Code to your website easily.

Steps to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

Steps to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

Step 1: If you have a Gmail id then log in/Sign in and if not then don’t worry it’ll take a few minutes to create a new one. Once you made your Gmail id then log in/Sign in.

Step 2: Search on Google by simply typing Google Analytics and follow the link provided by Google(open Google Analytics page) and sign up to Google Analytics Account.

Step 3: Fill up all the account information and while doing this make sure you will choose the website tab, not the mobile app.

Step 4: Fill the website name, put website URL Select industry and click on the get tracking ID.

Step 5: Then you will next to see the Tracking code option, click on it then you will get displayed the tracking code for your website.

Step 6: Copy that tracking code and open your website’s dashboard and find the theme editor option where you can put the code (Put the code under Heading Tag)

Step 7: Make sure you put the full copied tracking code under heading tag

Step 8: Once it has done, You’ll be redirected to the Google Analytics Dashboard. Bravo!!! All setup is complete.

Step 9: To make sure that it working or not open your website and you will get to see the live prompt of visitors.