How Can Managed Hosting Help your E-commerce Websites

Managed Hosting is the IT Provisioning Model in which the hosting provider rents the dedicated servers and hardware to the particular customer and handles all these systems on behalf of the customer. In this type of hosting the customer can rent out the hardware equipment like storage network hardware. However, the managed hosting providers are responsible for the hardware and software setup and overall management and updates. Managed Hosting is beneficial for all website but it more sufficient for an e-commerce website. Managed Hosting Help E-commerce Websites in many ways. There are many beneficial points that this hosting type indicates.

What Does Managed Hosting Service Indicate?

Managed Hosting has more flexibility than Shared Hosting, as you have total control over the server and its resources. Managed Hosting Generally works on two operating systems- Windows Operating Server( commonly Windows 2008 Server), Linux Operating Server (commonly the centos OS). The Customer expects the following services from the Managed hosting provider:

  • Recovery of Disaster and Backups
  • Full Installation Control Panel and OS
  • Patching
  • Trouble Shooting
  • On-Call Maintenance
  • Hardware Upgrading
  • Software Upgrading
  • Load Balancing
  • Security Services
  • Physical Security Measures for embalming the data centers
  • Maintenance, Monitoring, and Server Configuration
  • Application Support and Technical Support

Managed Hosting can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the customer’s business and e-commerce websites. There are many hosting companies in the market that offers the best managed hosting at an affordable range.

Different Types of Managed Hosting


Generally, there are two types of Managed hosting – Fully Managed Hosting and Partially Managed Hosting.

With Fully Managed Hosting, your hosting provider is fully responsible for the complete performance of the server. The host is not only responsible for its performance but also equally liable for its technical maintenance and administration.

With Partially Managed Hosting there are some of the responsibilities which are taken by the customer itself. The option you choose is according to the time expertise or you want to control the server yourself. Or if you think that it is more convenient to leave the responsibilities to the host then you can choose Fully Managed Hosting. 

How Managed Hosting is Beneficial for E-commerce Websites?

How Managed Hosting is beneficial for E-commerce Websites

Now, we have understood what is Managed hosting and what does it do. Let us take a look at How Can Managed Hosting Help your E-commerce Websites?

One of the main and very important benefits of Managed Hosting that it helps in preventing the problems. The benefits of Managed Hosting like Software compatibility checks, security scans and performance monitoring all help the hosting provider detect the small problem before it converts into the serious one. This is the main feature which is generally required by e-commerce websites. It is very helpful for an e-commerce website which generally has a lack of technical expertise.

Site Loading Speed

The slow speed of any website gives very negative effects on the customer. As it reduces the search engine ranking and away from the customers from your website. The estimation says that every extra second that your websites take to load costs 7% of your turnover. There are many reasons behind the slow speed of the website. It could be the server also. However, in Managed Hosting, is monitored to detect performance issues. It ensures that your site will load quickly, no matter how much traffic does your website contains.


E-commerce is a website that needs to be online 24/7. When your e-commerce website gets offline then you lose your business. The customer will select another e-commerce site as a better option. So, an e-commerce site needs to be online. Managed hosting provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee with the high availability promise by SLA.


There are many of the online threats faced by e-commerce websites and their users. Some of these are as follows- hacking, DDoS, infection, ransomware, data theft, etc. Managed Hosting gives proper security and protection from these cyber threats by offering the features of preventing intrusion, blocking viruses and securing your data.

Cost Reduction

By undertaking the management on your own will cost you more. As you will have the requirement of technical expertise to the same standard that your web host can. In most of the cases, you need to acquire most of the staff. This will cost heavier. But, in Managed Hosting all the management and overall responsibilities are taken by the host. You do not have to spend extra for the management or for expertise. A managed service can reduce costs by helping to prevent loss from performance and security problems. Hence the Managed Hosting Pricing is not expensive. So it is much affordable than hiring other hosting solutions.


Managed Hosting is a better option for an e-commerce website. Especially for those who do not have the in-house expertise for management. This hosting type will enable to outsource the best staff and also reduces our cost. If you are to launch an e-commerce site then you can check out the Shared Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Managed Hosting solutions. It enables the better performance and security of your website.