Hosting Solutions Provider, Parallels, Optimizes PHP Technology Standard

Server virtualization, data centre automation and SaaS software provider, Parallels, recently entered into a Zend Technologies collaboration, to provide enterprise-level PHP applications.

Through Parallels’ control panels and server virtualization offerings, the companies will deliver product interoperability and integration, define packaging and distribution standards, and pursue joint marketing initiatives.

Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels noted, ”The APS standard is already supported by more than 100 PHP applications for everything from blogging and collaboration to content management, e-commerce and CRM. The Parallels-Zend partnership advances the web hosting industry by helping service providers deliver a greater variety of professional PHP applications and by growing the channel for PHP application vendors.”

Zend products will be certified with the Application Packaging Standard (APS), a new application packaging format designed to help easily and quickly implement software as a service (SaaS). Using the APS standard, hosting providers will be able to configure technology stacks based on Zend products to deliver premium PHP solutions for operating business-critical web applications.

Mark de Visser, Chief Marketing Officer, Zend Technologies remarked, ”With thousands of web applications available for individual and business use, PHP is one of the key technologies for hosting companies to support. Combining the PHP expertise of Zend with the packaging, delivery and maintenance capabilities of the APS standard will further expand the portfolio of high-quality PHP applications.”

Zend and Parallels will deliver an APS-compliant Zend Framework and an updated version of Zend Optimizer later this quarter. Over time, the companies plan to release new versions of all Zend products that support the APS standard.

Jochen Berger, CTO of intergenic AG added, ”It is exciting to see Parallels and Zend extending their partnership. We believe that this collaboration will enable us to broaden our portfolio with applications built on Zend technology.”

Zend Technologies, Inc., the PHP Company, provides products and services for developing, deploying and managing business-critical PHP applications. PHP is used by more than twenty million websites and has quickly become the most popular language for building dynamic web applications. Deployed at more than 25,000 companies worldwide, Zend’s family of products provides a comprehensive platform for supporting the entire lifecycle of PHP applications. Zend is headquartered in Cupertino, California.