GoDaddy announces about the 13% rise revenue

Godaddy announces about the 13% rise in revenue

On 1 August an Internet hosting providing firm GoDaddy announces about 13.1% rise in the second-quarter revenue on Thursday. As the web hosting company earned more from an expanded customer base. At the end of the quarter year, June 30 the company was in the loss of $12.6 million, or 7 cents per class A share, compared with a net income of $18.1 million, or 11 cents per class A share, a year earlier. The total income of the company rose to $737.2 million from $651.6 million. His chief executive officer…

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Microsoft acquires BlueTalon | Data Privacy & Governance Challenges

Microsoft acquires BlueTalon

Microsoft acquires BlueTalon to address information protection and administration challenges. For modern platforms, Blue Talon is one of the leading providers of Unified Data Access Controls Solutions. This helps the enterprises to dispose of the information security vulnerable sides and gain better power and permeability of their information. This enterprise can capture the data and analyze it to understand the day-to-day operations. It defines the policies to approve clients to have access to that information. Although it protects the credential information of companies from cyber threats. The landscape of the…

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PUBG servers are Down [ Maintainance Update]

PUBG servers are Down

PUBG ( Player Unknown’s Battleground), as many of you aware one of the popular online multiplayer games that has been evolved by PUBG corporations. Nowadays PUBG Mobile has over 100 million monthly active users. If you are on an Xbox or PS4 console and wondering why PUBG game is down for you then Relax. You are not only the user who is facing the downtime of the server. The company has announced that the PUBG servers are down due to its maintenance. Many of the PUBG players are facing the…

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Register Free Domain Name for 12 months with Hostgator Web Hosting

Free Domain NAme Registration with Hostgator

Hostgator web hosting is offering one of the flexible and reliable web hosting plans. Now the company has provided the free domain registration plans to its users. Get Free Domain Name Registration for 12 months with Hostgator web hosting. This registration applies only for .com,.net or .org domain extensions. The plan is only available for the first year new qualified hosting plans for 12 months of ( Cloud, Shared or WordPress). After the first year, your domain will be renewed at the regular rate. If you have purchased the hosting…

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Google Announced latest Social Networking App | SHOELACE


After trying many apps in social networking like Google+, the search giant is trying its hand again by launching a new social networking site called Shoelace. Google is working on its new social networking app “Shoelace”. The main aim of the app which comes from Google’s In House Incubator Area 120 is to find activities to do and the people who will perform those activities. This app is only available in New York City right now. In this app, the app asks the users for their interests and then provide…

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Bing Ads Rebranded as Microsoft Advertising

Bing Ads Rebrands as microsoft Advertising

If you have just used to call Adwords to the Google Ads then get ready for another big name change in the globe of PPC markets. After already having many names changes Bing Ads rebranded as Microsoft Advertising. This rebranding of Bing Ads focuses on personalization and Artificial Intelligence. The new name reflects the broader focus on ad inventory data and targeting capabilities. Bing is currently used by half a million advertisers and is the exclusive search advertising partner for Verizon Media. The recent blog post of Microsoft shows that…

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Due to Cloudflare Outage Many Websites are Down Across the Internet

Cloudflare Outage

Due to Cloudflare Outage, Many Websites are Down Across the Internet…………… Cloudflare is an internet hosting platform, many of the internet services rely on the Cloudflare. In recent days the Cloudflare is facing some of the issues so that its many websites are down across the Internet. They are currently testing out issues and working to reduce the impact of the users. This outage of the company affects many of Internet users globally. The company is facing the frustration of the users. They are trying to sort out their problem…

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Cpanel Announced Account Based Pricing & Licensing

Cpanel announced account based licensing and pricing

Cpanel, one of the most used hosting control panel recently announced the account based pricing & licensing for Cpanel’s Partners, Distributors, and for their Store Customers. Now, in this new pricing structure will involve the multiple tiers. Cpanel wants to make it easier for their customers, as they want to target smaller instances and open up the revenue opportunity for its customers through its licensing. This new structure defines the pricing of the license based on the number of accounts hosted on a particular server. After this announcement, the Cpanel…

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Fasthosts Announced the Launch of New UK Based Virtual private Server (VPS)

Fasthosts Announced the Launch of New UK Based Virtual private Server (VPS)

Fasthosts is one of the leading hosting providers which recently announced the new VPS ( Virtual Private Servers) to support the growth of online businesses. In this earlier year, Fasthosts has been a focus on developing more flexible options to serve the growing number of online businesses. The company has realized that they have to outgrow their shared hosting as the market demand wants more flexibility in the hosting services. Virtual Private Server is a powerful and flexible hosting solution without a dedicated price tag. Fasthosts provides the option to…

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GIGA Data Center Announced Cost effective Colocation Facility in Mooresville

GIGA Data Center

GIGA data center provider creating affordable, hyper-scale facilities with remarkable energy efficiency announced the cost-effective colocation facility in Mooresville, North Carolina. The Mooresville colocation facility represents the cost-effective high power requirements needed for high-performance computing in AI, financial services, healthcare, and many other industry segments. This company provides services at a very affordable cost. It offers flexible rack-power densities from 5 kilowatts up to 50 kilowatts per rack cabinet, all at 4.1₵ per kWhr. GIGA, the new breed of the data center provides efficiency milestone for the colocation industry that…

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