Google Announced latest Social Networking App | SHOELACE

After trying many apps in social networking like Google+, the search giant is trying its hand again by launching a new social networking site called Shoelace. Google is working on its new social networking app “Shoelace”. The main aim of the app which comes from Google’s In House Incubator Area 120 is to find activities to do and the people who will perform those activities.

This app is only available in New York City right now. In this app, the app asks the users for their interests and then provide a series of hand-picked activities. These activities are termed as “Loops”. You can choose whatever loops you want or you are interested in. You can also invite others to join you.

As the research says that the app is suitable for those who are recently shifted to New York City and do not know the people there. This app helps them to reach and meet many people. But this app is limited to New York City. The developers are planning to expand this app across the United States.

Shoelace App can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or from the App Store.


Source: Shoelace