Four Hosting Companies Fix NFS Problems and Disclosure Policy

The four popular hosting companies ( iPage, FatCow, PowWeb, and NetFirms ) have fixed the loop of NFS permissions and Information Disclosure Problems. These platforms allowed attackers to tampered their customer’s database without accessing their websites. They have disclosed these policies to the endurance team. Their response was very immediate. As they understand the problems and hotfixes within the days. Their actions have given a solid commitment to the customer’s safety.

Last year it appeared that the attackers had a way to pilfer the credential information of their customer’s site and then interact with the databases directly. After their disclosure policy, the permission was fixed so that the content will no longer be listed.

After the disclosure, the faults in the File Manager were mended, the platform administrators made architectural adjustments to address the permissions problems at a deeper level. The Endurance company has worked very quickly to fix their problems. Their hotfixes were made on 10 May and permanently fixed by 15 May. Now, these four popular hosting companies have fixed their problems and secure the customer’s privacy.

Source: wordfence

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