Dropbox Announced local hosting ANZ region

Dropbox announced at Dropbox Attach 2019 that for Australia and New Zealand customers will be able to store their data onshore. The file storage of Dropbox had already announced its web hosting plans in March.

In today’s world, There is a need for localization. As local hosting for the ANZ region has been introduced by the Dropbox to fulfill the needs of the customers of ANZ. The customer wanted to have the choice to store their Dropbox files in Australia.

Before Dropbox Announced local hosting ANZ region, the hosting of Australia has been trialed with the beta customers for various months and with varying uses cases, workflows, and data migration. This needs to ensure that is working and fulfilling the requirements or not.

The sovereign Dropbox environment will be located within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Asia Pacific Sydney Region. This environment is available to all Dropbox Business customers in Australia and New Zealand.


Source: zdnet.com