DRIVERLESS CAR IS FUTURE- Google registers the .app domains

google registered domain nameDriverless Car is the Future. Google has just listed a couple of driverless domain names in the .app extension. It shows the progress of its driverless activities. .app is considered under in top-level domain. After three years Google paid $25 million to get the right to the .app domain extension. This domain extension is the obvious choice for app developers and others in the tech industry.

The company has registered the domain name. While Google has registered this domain, now it is available for registration by anyone.

Google is Promoting the Driverless Car and Taxis

By registering the domain names, Google is trying to promote the driverless cars and taxis.

The company’s Waymo unit launched the Waymo One app last year for users of its driverless taxi fleet in Phoenix.

As these are just signals to progress on the driverless programs.


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