Does HostGator Support WordPress?

HostGator is a Webhosting company known for its low budget hosting, reliability, and best customer support. HostGator has more features and provides numerous web applications and offers multiple options for programming language. People, who are new to the Web hosting world be eager to know whether Hostgator supports WordPress or not. 

Among different CMS(Content Management System), WordPress is one of the leading CMS right now and is often supported by many hosting companies. Some hosting companies even offer WordPress support right from the word go. Building a site to Monitoring with Google analytics in WordPress is simple. As such it becomes important and many people want to know what kind of WordPress support is provided by the Hosting Giant Hostgator. 

Does HostGator use WordPress? If yes Than Is WordPress free on Hostgator?

Yes, HostGator support WordPress so the beginners can build their own website.

Most beginners don’t have knowledge of coding and designing so they face a lot of difficulties to build their sites. In such cases WordPress is very useful, in fact, the WordPress platform is being used by both beginners and advanced users equally. 

Hostgator offers multiple types of WordPress support to users as listed below:

You got two WordPress options when you choose HostGator Webhosting for your website that is:

    1. One-Click WordPress Installation
    2. WordPress Hosting

types of wordpress in hostgator

What is a One-Click WordPress Installation?

One-Click WordPress Installation simply means you can choose any hosting according to your website needs like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting or Cloud and then install WordPress with just one-click process. You don’t have to do a lot of research and climb the mountains for that. It’s a quick and easy process that anybody can do. The best thing about this is you can add/remove WordPress according to your needs.

What is HostGator WordPress Hosting?

HostGator WordPress Hosting is made especially for WordPress website which gives several benefits that you don’t get in normal hosting like Shared Hosting. Hostgator WordPress Hosting offers pre-installed WordPress to the users so that they can begin building their website without the need to install WordPress separately. Here are some benefits you get if you select Hostgator WordPress hosting for your WordPress site:

    1. Faster Page Load
    2. Upgraded Security Features
    3. Upgraded Technical Support
    4. Handle More Traffic
    5. Fast maintenance service

So many features with brilliant technical support and WordPress support for beginners in a budget-friendly hosting are the reason why millions of people are choosing HostGator services.