Digital Ocean Killed Many Websites by Mistake- Issues Apology

DigitalOcean, one of the popular hosting provider all over the world has killed many of the websites by mistake. The anti-fraud and abuse automation system has been locked some customer’s account by mistakenly detecting its fraud. because of this many of the companies has lost their crucial data . But, after a short period of time, the company resolve this issue and unlock the accounts and powered back on.

Digital Ocean has been apologizing for their mistakes and has done all the possible measures to cover the losses of the company which has been blocked.

What was that Incident of DigitalOcean?

The incident was that the automated services have power down which manage the cryptography transactions and activity. In this case, the safeties are inappropriate to prevent automated action. The actions have taken on the companies which have been violated the primary safety. Like the account was locked of that company which was running on credit or was not approved for the CPU-intensive activity.

These are some of the violation of primary safety that is why the automation system has detected its fraud and locked the account.

Now, the appropriate safeties were flagged. The company is issuing an apology for their mistakes and promise not to repeat these kinds of mistakes in the future.