Can Your Web Hosting Affect Your Websites SEO Efforts?

Web hosting can affect your website’s SEO. While building a website, we mainly focus on the major components of a good website like graphics, templates, layout, content, and SEO Marketing. These are the main components that affect the ranking of your website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). But choosing a good web host matters too. Before choosing a better template, design, or content for your website, you have to choose a good web host.

Can Web Hosting affects your website's SEO

Now, the question arises that can web hosting affect your website’s SEO? While indexing the web pages of your website, the search engines look at how much time will your website is taking to load. A good web host will increase your ranking and get you positioned at the front page of the search engine but a bad web host will ruin your website’s ranking on the search engine.

 5 Web Hosting Norms Which Search Engine Dislike

Web Hosting Norms which Search Engine Dislike


  • Slow Speed– The main problem is that a website is taking too much time to load. If someone is visiting your website then they will not wait for your website to get load. Between 7 and 10 milliseconds is the optimal speed to load a website.  Under 100 milliseconds is acceptable. The web page which loads under 1 second Google considers it a fast loading website to rank well.


  • Too Much Downtime– With the speed downtime is also a very important factor to rank on the search engine. The uptime of your website should be 99.99%. Get a web host that has 99.99% uptime. So that your website will spend more time on live.


  • Server Locations– The third foremost factor is the server’s location. The speed-time also matters on the location of a server. If your website speed is slow then it could be possible that your server location is far away from you. If you are situated in New York and your website location is in the United Kingdom then you will face delays. These delays will affect your website.


  • Say to No to Shared Web Hosting– If you are beginner then everyone suggests you choose shared hosting for your website. It is the cheapest and affordable way to get your online presence fastly. But, now you are thinking that why shared hosting is in this list, right? So, there is a reason behind this. There are some empty claims behind this hosting service which is very harmful to your website.


  • Errors of Connection– If your website is facing database connection errors then it will adversely affect the SEO of your website. You will face this connection error when your web host cannot handle the traffic coming on your website. Always prefer the web host which can handle the traffic of your website.


If a website is hosted on a bad host then its SEO can be affected. “The bad web host can ruin the ranking of your website”. This is a truth, all previous reasons are enough to prove this statement right. Now, it’s a time to switch for a better web host which will not affect the SEO of your website. Find the best web hosting and increase the ranking of your website in the search engine result pages.