Avoid 5 Biggest Web Hosting Mistakes that Will Ruin Your Website

When you are planning to start up the online business, the first and foremost step is to set up the e-commerce website. For setting up the e-commerce website you have to be careful regarding the domain name and web hosting requirements and its details. You must have cautious before purchasing these for your web site because the website represents you and your business, so it should be perfect. You must have to avoid 5 web hosting mistakes that most of the entrepreneurs do. The website is the first impression that you are putting on your customers. That is why it is very important to set up your website carefully and properly.

While purchasing Web Hosting for your website you must avoid 5 silly mistakes that mostly entrepreneur does. In web hosting, even a single mistake can ruin your website. As your website, low speed for an hour will not only cost you higher but also ruin your website reputation in a stake. So, you must be careful and avoid these errors.

5 Web Hosting Mistakes that Most Entrepreneur Does

avoid 5 web hosting mistakes

#1 Confused between the requirement of Dedicated  or Shared Hosting

If you are using Shared Web Hosting and have to share a single server with different web owners. And, one of those web owners consumes more space and face major issues like malicious codes or virus, your website also has to suffer.  This will directly affect your website.

As your website will start loading slowly or the high technicians will also shut down the server during the business hour. This will create a bad impression on the customers. So, you have to be clear which hosting type will your website needs. Avoid this mistake and choose the right option for your website.

#2 Looking for Cheapest Web Hosting

As a startup, every business owner wants to reduce its cost. So, all want to get the cheapest web hosting to cut the price of launching their website. But it is not compulsory that the cheap web hosting package is always reliable or provide better resources. If you want to start up your website with great resources then you have to spend huge. If you are searching for low cost and free resources then you must face the following issues:

  • Your website can face the Speed Issue
  • Your Server may go down
  • Lack of technical support
  • Not get equal importance in case of ranking on the search engine

You should be careful and avoid these issues because no business can afford this type of mistake.

#3 Communication Problem With Technical Support

If you want to have the facility of greater technical support then you have to make the communication between the technical support team. To have the proper guarantee of being supported by technical experts, you need to stay communicated with them. Make sure that you are getting the service 24/7. Because in case if you get stuck at some point then you can ask for help at any time.

#4 Ignorance of Terms and Conditions

We usually ignore the Terms and Conditions of the web hosting of our website. This may also become harmful for your website. Generally, the web hosting company does not highlight their policy, so you must read out the terms and conditions before purchasing. make sure that you have read the refund policy, cancellation policy, and ask questions if you find anything confusing.

#5 Do not have Awareness of Bandwidth and Disk Space

You must have proper awareness of the bandwidth and disk space of your web hosting plans. You have to know about the bandwidth that you are subscribing to. If you have 10GB Bandwidth and 500 MB Disk Space then you are good to go. 10 GB Bandwidth is enough to make your website run smoothly.


These are some of the mistakes that a web owner mostly does and ignores. These silly mistakes can ruin your website. Your website is representing your business. And, no business owner wants to ruin the image or goodwill of their website just because of these silly mistakes. So, be careful and choose wisely and do not ignore these mistakes while purchasing the web hosting for your e-commerce website.