8 Things That You Must Consider Before Purchasing “DOMAIN NAME”

Today’s world is now has become digital. Every entrepreneur wants to set up their business online. Before making an online presence it is very important to research the domain name. Because the website represents your business all over the online world. So, you have to be careful before choosing. It is very significant to choose the right domain name for your website for both the targeted audience and search engine. Pick up the Domain Name which gives sense to your business now and 10 years from now. This article is all about the Tips to consider before purchasing a Domain Name for your business’s website.

Points Which Needs to Consider Before Registering a Domain Name

Tips to consider before purchasing a domain name

Do Research at Home First

The first step is to do complete research about the domain names at home first. Search the similar sites of your competitors and examine the domain name that your competitors have. After that, you can browse the domain name by the relevant keyword and check out the domain availability.

Purchase the Domain Name which is Easy to Remember

It is also the main aspect of optimizing your site for search engines. You must select the website name which is easy to read and remember. Avoid the using of the “hyphens” and the “numbers” like (–, /, and number 4) in the website name. Anyone who hears your domain can easily write it before asking you how to write this domain name.

You should avoid that word that has more than one spelling, this will help the visitor to not confused. You must go with the small domain name. The most powerful tool is the word of mouth and while purchasing the website name you can apply the use of this tool by purchasing a domain name which should short, easy to pronounce, and name which gives sense to your business.

Avoid Slang Phrase

Do not do the instant pick up of the website name. Choose that website name which still makes sense after 10 years. Avoid the slang terms which only makes the confusion for the visitors. This avoidance will help when you want to think to set up your business internationally, this will help you with your local audience.

Try to Stick to the .com Extension as much as you can

You must try to stick with the .com extension. This extension will help the visitor to easy to remember. This is the domain extension which is mostly used by visitors. Sometimes, the visitors forget the extensions and randomly put the .com extension after the domain name. Just because it is the most popular one and mostly used by many of the online business owners. Avoid the usage of other (.org,.net,.info, etc) domain extensions.

Do not Go With Trademarked Domain

Try not to go with the trademarked website name. This will only make you file a complaint against yourself. If you want to try to confuse the visitors by buying a trademarked domain then you are wrong. You are not making your confused but yes you may face the legal issues. So be safe and do not go with the trademarked domain names.

Purchase Shorter Domain Names

The longer your domain is, the harder to spell and remember. So, find the shorter domain availability. make your website name a little creative and it must be short which is easy to write or remember. Try to think about the domain name which is the part of your brand and make sure that the visitors will understand your intention behind choosing it. If you are not getting the one-word website name try to mix the adjective of it.

Do not Purchase the Domain Name Which is Greatly Similar to Your Existing Domain

Avoid the website name which is similar to the existing one. That simply means that avoid the singular to the plural one. Like if you have the domain name singular.com and next you are purchasing singulars.com. So try to avoid this practice of domain registration. Avoid the hyphens and the word”my” in your domain name. You might purchase this type of domain as if the visitor mistype the domain then it can be redirected to your existing site.

Check the Availability of your Domain on Social Media Sites

When you have picked the website name then you must have checked the availability of your domain name at social media sites. Sites like ( YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr). It is very easy to choose the phrase which is available on the social media platform. You can use a similar phrase on each site.


I hope this article has made you understand what are the important points that you must consider before purchasing the right website name. A website name is the first thing that represents your site to the online world. If you have already bought a domain name then you may check our blog- I have bought a domain name now what? And, it should be perfect. You must take time and do a lot of research before choosing the right domain name for your website.