5 Website Design Tips that Convert Your Visitors into Customers

If you are running a business website then it is very important that your website is able to show all the information that the visitor needs. You need to show the visitors why you are the person to do the business with. To accomplish these desires, a website with good design helps you. In this article, you will get to know the 5 website design tips to design your website for the customers. it will help you to convert your visitors into the customers.

5 Helpful Tips to Design your Website

The question arises by reading the heading of this article that How can a website design converts visitors into the customers? Here are some of the helpful tips which will help you to the number of visitors into the customers in a while.

SSL Certificates


SSL Certificates do not include in the website design but SSL Certificate plays a very important role in the website. It shows the status of your website which is the first and foremost thing which a visitor notices. Now, Google also gives authority to the sites which contain the HTTPS protocol. many search engines do not give the flag to the website which does not contain the HTTPS protocol.

SSL encrypts the data that you enter on a particular website. By encryption and decryption, the data get secured and prevented from hackers and online threats. It shows that the website is safer and secure. The customer also finds the safest platform to share their personal information.

Mobile Friendly


Your website should beautifully visible on the mobile screen. Most of the visitors search for things from their mobile phones. So, it should be mobile-friendly. you can find mobile-friendly templates for WordPress and can easily make your website mobile-friendly. You may also hire the professional to make your website best for the mobile portfolio. It will help you to attract the customers easily.

Make your First Impression By Showing Your Product pages


Customers always believe in visibility. They always visit on the products and services page which you offer. This doesn’t mean that you will give all your company information on your product page. As you have made the fantastic home page, but sometimes the customer is landed on a product page directly through search results.

So, you have to mention the company name a brief summary of your shipping and returns policies, pricing, and a navigation menu. This lets the customers to quickly understand your website without hunting anymore.

Call Visitors to Stay With Category Landing pages


It is easy for customers and search engines to navigate. Each category should provide proper knowledge like photos, products, and informative content. This will help the customers to decide what to purchase. If your website is providing the bulk of knowledge then you should have categorized all of them. This will help the customer in navigation.

If all the content and the product are tagged and written properly then it will also help you to increase your website’s SEO Ranking. It shows the customer that you are good resources for providing valuable and informative data.

Make your Calls to Action Count


Every page of your website should include the Call to Action (CTA). This will ensure the customer to get engaged in your websites. This is like a short statement which ensures the visitors what to do next. On your landing page, you may mention the CTA like “find (product name) here” or on the product page,  “Add to Cart”.

You may use the CTA like  “add to wish list” or “save for later” for the visitors who do not want to purchase it right now. So by doing this, they might store it further. You may use the CTA “checkout” at your cart page.


For converting the normal visitors into the customers, these points will surely help you. These are some of the tips of a website design that you must use to design your website. For a business website, it is very important to have the conversion. And, these options will surely help you to convert the random visitors into real customers. I hope you will imply these terms to your website.