5 Types of SSL Certificates You Must Need For Your Website

Now, Google has taken our privacy very seriously. It has started implementing the security firewalls for the protection of your website. Google announces that the website is secure which has an SSL Certificate. To Prevent Online threats Google recommended to convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS Protocol. This HTTPS Protects your website. In this article I am going to describe the types of SSL Certificates you must need for your website. Before going into the depth, here is a small introduction about the SSL Certificates and its uses.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL-Certificates and Uses

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The name makes it very clear that it is used for security purpose. This encryption technology was introduced by the Netscape in the 1990s. This certificate creates an encrypted connection between the web server and the visitor’s web browser. The encrypted connection will ensure the smooth transmission of private and confidential information without hurdles. By purchasing the SSL certificates, your website will become secured and protected from online threats. SSL Certificate plays a very important role in SEO also.

How Do SSL Certificates Work?

  • The browser checks the SSL certificate of your website and if it is there then the browser referred to do SSL handshake.
  • During the SSL handshake, the browser instigates the validity of the SSL Certificate of a website.
  • SSL certificates work using two keys private key and a public key. These are meant for the encryption and decryption to secure communication.
  • It also contains another key “session key”. This key is used after the confirmation of validity. This makes SSL communication faster.
  • After the handshake process, the secure connection established. Now the person and the server can communicate safely.

What is an SSL handshake?

It is a process used to set up the keys to making the communication safer and secure. During the process, the person and the server share some confidential information to have a secure connection between them.

What are the 5 Types of SSL Certificates?

There are different types of SSL Certificates. Web hosting companies use the Standard encryption method. Every option has its values and requirements. These are some of the types of SSL Certificates :

Types of SSL Certificates

  • Single Domain SSL

As the name suggests that it provides security to the single domain. No other domains are covered under this SSL Certificate. If you are running a simple content-based website then this type of SSL Certificate is the best option for you. If you have owned a B2B website then the transactions and everything will occur in the single domain. This type of certificate will provide you the complete protection and security.

  • Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates is also said as “SAN” ( For Subject Alternative Names). This multi-domain SSL Certificate covers the entire collection of sites. This certificate will provide the flexibility of covering many websites that might go away or does not exist. The domain registrar will mention the number of domains is to be protected under this SSL Certificate.

  • Wildcard SSL

On a single root domain or hostname, this SSL Certificate will provide protection and overall security to all subdomains. If you are running a website that contains heavy transactions then this type of SSL Certificate will help you to get the best and heavy protection.

  • Organization SSL Certificates

Organization SSL Certificates are set out to validate the company’s identity and information. Authentification of the company’s primary address is protected under this SSL Certificate. This SSL offer security to the e-commerce payments and components of the website.

  • Extended SSL Certificates

This is the most secured SSL Certificate among all of the above. This SSL Certificate verifies the domain and cross-checks the legal corporation. If you are using a modern browser then the website address will appear in a green box that contains Extended SSL Certificates. This provides the most secure and reputable connection to your website.

Now, by overviewing all the types of SSL Certificates, I think you have understood that which of the SSL Certificate type will your website prefers. Purchasing SSL Certificate is not difficult, you can get it from any domain registrar or the web hosting provider.



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