Bing Ads Rebranded as Microsoft Advertising

Bing Ads Rebrands as microsoft Advertising

If you have just used to call Adwords to the Google Ads then get ready for another big name change in the globe of PPC markets. After already having many names changes Bing Ads rebranded as Microsoft Advertising. This rebranding of Bing Ads focuses on personalization and Artificial Intelligence. The new name reflects the broader focus on ad inventory data and targeting capabilities. Bing is currently used by half a million advertisers and is the exclusive search advertising partner for Verizon Media. The recent blog post of Microsoft shows that…

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All About Shared Web Hosting

shared hosting

Choosing the right hosting for your website is really a very big decision. When the time comes to choose a web hosting then there you are going to have lots of options. While deciding the hosting company you have to decide the best hosting plans which suit your website needs and requirements. Shared hosting is one of the popular types of hosting for beginners. But the question arises that what is shared hosting and does it fulfill the niche of your website? Let us discuss the shared hosting & its…

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