How Can Managed Hosting Help your E-commerce Websites


Managed Hosting is the IT Provisioning Model which the hosting provider rents the dedicated servers and hardware to the particular customer and handle all these systems on the behalf of the customer. In this type of hosting the customer can rent out the hardware equipment like storage network hardware. However, the managed hosting providers are responsible for the hardware and software setup and overall management and updates. Managed Hosting is beneficial for all website but it more sufficient for an e-commerce website. Managed Hosting Help E-commerce Websites in many ways.…

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Google Cloud Introduced Fully Managed Cloud Schedular for Business Websites


Google cloud has recently introduced its new services termed as “Cloud Scheduler“. The new service enables to reduce the workload of the workers. It also helps in reducing manual spadework. This new service allows business websites to list big data jobs, run, batch, cloud infrastructure, etc. This new service can also be consumed to evoke the lists via user interface, command line interface, or API while handling everything from a single place. Google said that this new service enables the users to list the running of their task at the…

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