#WebHostNews for Sunday – May 26, 2013

Here’s a look at the leading #webhostnews stories for the day

Yumemi Launches Sprocket, a Badgeville-Powered Gamification Offering for Leading Japanese Brands
Yumemi, Japan’s market and technology leader in mobile commerce, today announced a partnership with Badgeville, the #1 gamification platform, to power Sprocket, its new engagement offering for marketers. Sprocket complements Yumemi’s suite of existing marketing solutions for web, mobile, and ecommerce, used by some of the top brands in Japan. Industry-leading brands using Sprocket to drive customer loyalty and engagement include Nestlé Japan, Nippon Television, and Dr.Ci:Labo. “Yumemi’s Sprocket, powered by Badgeville, is the clear gamification leader in Japan. Compared to other customer engagement offerings, Sprocket far exceeds in gamification features, widgets and program design,” said Rikako Ibi, Unit Manager, Digital Media Development Unit at Nestle Japan Ltd. “Sprocket was very easy to embed into our web and mobile sites. It is helping us achieve our business goals, incentivizing users to view more pages across our sites.” Sprocket uses Badgeville’s gamification foundation – including rewards, reputation, social context and behavior analytics – to drive customer loyalty and engagement, helping companies grow their bottom line and understand their audience. Sprocket is enabled by Badgeville Embed, a powerful management portal for software providers with multiple clients to easily design, deploy, and optimize thousands of client gamification deployments and embedded solutions.

Gartner Positions Array Networks in Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers
Array Networks Inc., a global leader in application delivery networking, announced today its inclusion in Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers. In a maturing WAN optimization market, Array Networks’ aCelera shows strengths in secure features and improved efficiency for both cloud and enterprise applications at an excellent price point, creating value and a seamless experience for the end user. With Array aCelera’s visibility, scalability, and control, enterprises and cloud providers gain an alternative to the market leaders for cost-effectively supercharging application performance and optimizing use of WAN bandwidth. To qualify for the 2013 WAN Optimization Controller Magic Quadrant, vendors’ products needed to include traffic management capabilities, generic protocol acceleration and application or higher-level protocol-specific optimization features. Vendors also needed to have global installations and support capability. The aCelera WAN optimization controller completes Array’s application delivery networking product suite for enterprise, service provider and public sector organizations, delivering end-to-end performance for enterprise applications, file shares, Web content, email, voice and video. In addition, aCelera is available as a hardware appliance or as a software solution for Windows Server and leading virtualization hypervisors including VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer to meet the needs of any data center, cloud or virtualized environment.

Altair Partner Alliance Adds Lean Design Technology from Munro & Associates
The Altair Partner Alliance announced today that its offering now includes complexity management tool Design Profit, from Munro & Associates. Design Profit assists product design engineers by exposing waste and risk in their designs so they are able to make educated decisions to reduce design complexity and weight for downstream stakeholders. Design Profit is applicable across industries including aerospace, automotive, marine, consumer goods, defense, industrial, and medical. It is most beneficial to companies that want to reduce waste and lower costs of developing and manufacturing products. “Design Profit adds a comprehensive set of tools that are advantageous for designers striving to optimize their manufacturing processes,” said David Foreman, Vice President of Munro & Associates. “Lean design is an emerging capability that offers vast benefits as far as cost savings and efficient product development to the end users, which will now include those who are members of the APA.” Starting out in Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFA/DFM), Design Profit uses symbols in a simple and methodical process to model a product or process. The model conveys design and manufacturing complexity in a visual and easy to understand format. Design Profit allows the user to see the big picture overview in terms of cost, time, quality, material, weight, investment, and ROI along with many other critical data points.

10 Reasons to Switch from Riverbed WAN Optimization Hardware to Silver Peak Software
WAN optimization customers are increasingly aware of the advantages of software, but many feel locked into the vendor-imposed hardware refresh cycle. Silver Peak is offering Riverbed Steelhead hardware customers a more cost-effective option by switching to Silver Peak WAN optimization software. 10 reasons for switching to Silver Peak are highlighted in today’s blog post and infographic: “Riverbed has defined itself as a hardware company and they bank on customer refresh dollars to keep generating revenue,” said Rick Tinsley, CEO of Silver Peak. “For the cost of Riverbed maintenance alone, Riverbed customers can own an equivalent Silver Peak software product with more features and higher performance. And with Silver Peak WAN optimization software, you never need to face a forced hardware refresh again.” Silver Peak software accelerates data between data centers, branch offices and the cloud. The company’s software-defined acceleration solves network quality, capacity and distance challenges to provide fast and reliable access to data anywhere in the world. Leveraging its leadership in data center class wide area network (WAN) optimization, Silver Peak is a key enabler for strategic IT projects like virtualization, disaster recovery and cloud computing.

Zen Internet’s Data Centre celebrates first anniversary with North West Colocation offer
Zen’s Colocation service is situated in its 1,350 square metre, Tier 2 data centre, at its head office in Greater Manchester. The design of the Data Centre enables Zen to offer state of the art Colocation from only £59 per month, plus free setup and up to three months free rental on shared and dedicated racks. Both shared and dedicated options are available to suit customers’ specific requirements. Shared racks are ideal if customers have a small amount of equipment, whereas dedicated racks provide more capacity with a lockable and private environment for the customer’s hardware. Zen is investing £4m in its Data Centre which also houses a range of Managed Hosting and Managed Cloud Hosting services. Conveniently located just off the M62, Zen’s Data Centre provides a cost-effective way of securely hosting customers’ mission critical IT infrastructure, together with providing reliable and fast Internet access for Internet or Intranet services. Bob Pickering, Network Manager at Heywood based Datamatters said about the Data Centre: ‘The physical location is one that is away from the high-risk city centre, whilst being easy enough to reach when we need to get onsite.’

VMware Horizon View Preferred Among Small and Mid-sized Businesses for Modernizing Windows Desktops
VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today revealed in a recently commissioned report conducted by Spiceworks that for a second year in a row, VMware® Horizon View™ is the leading desktop virtualization solution deployed by small and midsized businesses (SMBs). In addition, the study showed that virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) adoption trends among SMBs have remained steady during the last year, with end-user security and compliance continuing to be the biggest challenges for IT. “The study shows that VMware virtual desktops are preferred over Citrix by SMBs that have deployed VDI by an almost 2-to-1 margin ,” said Mason Uyeda, senior director, technical marketing, End-User Computing, VMware. “It is a testament to the technology advancements featured in VMware Horizon View™, and the many practical benefits it offers to organizations of all sizes. VMware is committed to helping SMBs modernize their Windows desktops and will continue to execute targeted programs – such as the Fast Track Program – and introduce architectures that can drive down the cost and complexity of VDI.”

Microsoft Names SherWeb 2013 World Hosting Partner of the Year
Leading cloud provider earns prestigious global title with value-added services and technical expertise. SherWeb, a leading provider of Microsoft business cloud solutions, today announced it has been named the 2013 World Hosting Partner of the Year by Microsoft Corp. Each year, Microsoft recognizes partners that distinguish themselves through their commitment to customers, their solutions’ market impact and their exemplary use of Microsoft technologies. In winning the award, SherWeb beat out leading competitors from over 100 countries, firmly cementing its reputation as Microsoft’s most valued hosted partner worldwide. “The 2013 Partner of the Year Award winners represent some of the best and brightest our ecosystem has to offer,” said Jon Roskill, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft. “We applaud each of our partners for demonstrating exceptional dedication in working to solve the most pressing technology challenges facing our mutual customers today.” SherWeb credits its win to its unique ability to offer small and mid-sized businesses the value-added services and support they need to fully benefit from Microsoft cloud solutions. It also cites its ability to bring Microsoft solutions to the market ahead of others.

HP Expands Thin Client Solutions for Mobility and Unified Communications
HP today announced software enhancements and new unified communication support to help companies realize the reliability and security benefits of thin clients without sacrificing the user experience. These solutions will be showcased May 22-24 in Booth No. 201 at Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles. Many organizations provide desktop or mobile thin clients to their employees who work in remote offices, at multiple work sites or frequently travel on business. These devices are optimal for ensuring the security of sensitive data because if they are lost or stolen, the data on them is still secure in the organization’s data center. Challenges arise, however, when organizations want to add real-time communication applications such as Voice-over IP (VoIP) to their thin clients. Infrastructure issues such as network latency and spotty Wi-Fi can result in distortion, static and echo, therefore rendering these much-needed communication applications impractical. Enhancements to HP Velocity, network performance management software for thin clients, and extended support for Citrix solve these common thin client customer problems.

5 Ways Foursquare Can Make You a Local Business Authority
I was converted to Foursquare when I got my iPhone last year. I had seen my friends’ check-ins appear on Facebook and used them as recommendations for places I should visit and get involved with. Now that I am on Foursquare, I can see the amazing marketing potential it has for local businesses, so here’s what Foursquare can do for your local business. As evidenced by my personal experience, Foursquare gets people to take notice of places they may not have noticed otherwise. I visited restaurants and stores because of my friends’ recommendations, and other people have visited places because I have checked into them. Foursquare allows friends to connect and to give suggestions of places to visit, so you want to make sure your business is on Foursquare so that users can check in. Because Foursquare users can leave tips at every place they check in, and upload photos, it has become a useful tool for some businesses to build up a good reputation. Obviously, the flip side of this is that people may leave negative tips on your locations, but the positive ones have a lot of sway, and again can encourage more people to check in over time. A restaurant that has a tip and a friend recommendation is more likely to get my business than a restaurant that has no social interactions.

Vitesse “Timing is Everything” Seminar Goes International
Following the success of its U.S.-based inaugural timing seminar in April, Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS), a leading provider of advanced IC solutions for Carrier and Enterprise networks, announced two international locations for its “Timing is Everything” seminar: Japan, in late May 2013 and Israel, early June 2013. Faced with wireless data traffic doubling every year since 2007, carriers and OEMs worldwide are transitioning to next-generation 4G LTE/LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks and moving from GPS-based timing solutions to timing-over-packet protocols such as IEEE 1588v2. This seminar is designed to educate operators, network architects and OEMs on best practices for delivering network synchronization for the evolving wireless networks and understanding implementation tradeoffs. Vitesse (NASDAQ: VTSS) designs a diverse portfolio of high-performance semiconductor solutions for Carrier and Enterprise networks worldwide. Vitesse products enable the fastest-growing network infrastructure markets including Mobile Access/IP Edge, Cloud Computing and SMB/SME Enterprise Networking.