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MilesWeb Unlimited Hosting Review – What Makes Them Unique?

Planning to start a new online business? That’s a great idea! Online presence has become significant for all types of businesses – right from small to large. It helps in getting exposure to your target audience in a faster way. You will find millions of business getting online daily with their websites. Even your website […]

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Yahoo! Web Hosting Search Firm, Reveals Investor Presentation Plans

Yahoo! global Internet Yahoo web Hosting company, filed an investor presentation that details the Company’s three-year financial plan and strategic initiatives, which are expected to roughly double operating cash flow over the next three years. You can save maximum from Yahoo coupon code from a yahoo small business.   The plan reveals that operating cash […]

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Hosting Solutions Provider, Parallels, Optimizes PHP Technology Standard

Server virtualization, datacenter automation and SaaS software provider, Parallels, recently entered into a Zend Technologies collaboration, to provide enterprise level PHP applications. Through Parallels’ control panels and server virtualization offerings, the companies will deliver product interoperability and integration, define packaging and distribution standards, and pursue joint marketing initiatives. Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels noted, ”The […]

Google Prices Google Apps
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Google Prices Google Apps

Inching ever nearer to becoming a fully fledged web hosting provider, Google has announced prices for the Google App Engine options it launched recently. Google App Engine offers developers hosting space with API options to interface with the company’s regular services (Googlemail, Calendar, Adsense. etc.), meaning the next big thing to hit the Internet could […]


Web Host DreamHost Suggests Customers Could Use Google, Yahoo! Email

Web host DreamHost (http://www.dreamhost.com/) has been in the news this week for apparently suggesting its customers could use email solutions provided by Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. According to a number of reports, DreamHost suggested that as far as offering email is concerned, “it’s something Google can do better.” The fuss was created by comments of […]

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Web Hosting Company, Future Hosting, Releases Future Protect Backups

Web hosting company, Future Hosting, an Internet Solutions provider serving small to medium-sized businesses internationally, will offer a new data protection service free of charge, to all Virtual Private Server customers. Future Protect provides data back up every six hours, stored on a remote server. In the event of a disaster or hardware failure, the […]